[Podcast] Gaming Through Physical Distancing? Let's make it mentally healthy

Updated: Aug 11

I had an amazing time doing a collaboration with Jon from Mana Pool. We had a great conversation around gaming and mental health during COVID-19 physical distancing.

In this podcast, we discuss the link between gaming and mental health, the different reasons people play games, and gaming with mental health in mind while still having fun.

You can listen to the podcast here:


For more information on mental health and self-care amidst COVID-19, check out this blog post. For more blog posts on mental health, click here.

So who the heck is Jon, and what's Mana Pool?

Jonathan and his brother, Bradley, runs Mana Pool, a games cafe near High Park subway station, Toronto. I started as a patron, but like most of their patron, quickly became friends with both Jon and Brad. It's a beautiful community space, with incredible food (both Jon and Brad are chefs). I often find myself going there to see friendly faces, have great conversations, and to relax and read and play some games. Once physical distancing is over, definitely check them out!

Here is the link to Mana Pool: https://manapool.ca/

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