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F*k Racism

Racism and Racial Trauma

You think to yourself, "How can I possibly live the life I want, when the world keeps screwing me over?" 

For as long as you remember, you were always made to feel different. Your eyes, your hair, your skin colour, the food that you eat. They tell you that you’re not as good as them, that there’s something wrong with you. And it was so hard not to believe that.


So you learned to conform. And you learned to walk the world as someone else, because being you, being "too Asian," comes with consequences. And you would beat yourself up for being different, and doing something that other people might think is weird.


Racism feels so inescapable. You may be overlooked for a promotion at work. Or people are just straight up condescending to you. And let’s not even get started on dating issues as a racialized person. Sometimes, you wonder if you're just being too sensitive. (Trust me, you're not).


Finding a therapist has been tough too. You feel that your therapist does not understand your experience; or worse, you feel like they stereotype you and your culture. And you’re tired of having to explain and justify yourself all the damn time.

F*k racism. You’re ready to explore your unique identities, and live freely as yourself.

You spent your life feeling uncomfortable with yourself. You know you're way more than whatever people label you as, and you're more than the sum of your parts.


So let’s explore who you are. And in the process, we’ll also uncover the things that give you meaning, and things that truly bring you joy.

Imagine, being able to embrace all of yourself without shame or guilt.


How can racism affect your life?

Internalized racism is a monster you carry with you everywhere. It makes you feel like a fraud, like you're never good enough. And it's freaking lonely when you're stuck in this place.

What can we do about the racism you experience(d)?

A lot of times, racism is mixed in with a whole lot of other stuff. It wrecks havoc, and makes you constantly doubt and judge yourself. We'll dig through it all, and explore the parts of you that has been hurt.

How can life look, if we work on your internalized racism?

Getting familiar with your internalized racism, it'll help ease the self-blame and self-doubt that you're so used to feeling. This is one piece of the larger puzzle, as we get closer to the authentic you.


Embrace Your Uniqueness Now

4 Reflections to Build Your Freedom Mindset

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