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Racism and Racial Trauma

 As an adult, you know how people treated you was racist. And you want to know what to do with all the hurt you continue to experience. 

For as long as you remember, you were always made to feel different. Your eyes, your hair, your skin colour, the food that you eat. They tell you that you’re not as good as them, that there’s something wrong with you. And it was so hard not to believe that.


So you learned to conform. And you learned to walk the world as someone else, because being you, being racialized, comes with consequences. And you would beat yourself up for being different, and doing something that other people might think is weird.


Over time, you learned to embrace your ethnicity and culture. But lately, you find that even your friends and family sometimes say hurtful racist things. Or you've been told you’re too white-washed. And it makes you feel sad, angry, and betrayed. And you have considered cutting those people out of your life.


Racism feels so inescapable. You may be overlooked for a promotion at work. Or people are just straight up condescending to you. And let’s not even get started on dating issues as a racialized person. Everywhere you go. It just won’t stop. And COVID-19? If you look remotely Asian, then you are at least somewhat vigilant, if not hypervigilant, while in public.


Finding a therapist has been tough too. You feel that your therapist does not understand your experience; or worse, you feel like they stereotype you and your culture. And you’re tired of having to explain and justify your lived experiences, and not having it recognized or understood.

F*k racism. You’re ready to take control of your identities, and explore all the possibilities that your unique life experiences has to offer.

You spent your life up till now trying to hide who you truly are. You know you're much more than the racism and trauma you’ve experienced. More than the culture(s) that you grew up in. And definitely more than the identities that you have been ascribed to.


So let’s explore who you are. And in the process, we’ll also uncover the things that give you meaning, and things that truly bring you joy.

Imagine, being able to embrace all of yourself without shame or guilt.

Why is it important to work through your racial trauma?

How can I help you through racial trauma?

You carry the internalized racism with you everywhere. It can manifest into self-doubt, self-judgment, and self-loathing. All this negatively affects your relationships, and the daily decisions you make. It becomes very hard to feel comfortable and confident with yourself.

Racism goes deep in the psyche. I can help you dig through the sludge, to identify how it affects the way you feel about yourself, the thoughts you have, and how that impacts the way you show up in the world. We will work to rebuild you, to show up as your true selves, in the face of a racist world.

What can happen when you get the right support through your racial trauma?

You will be able to understand how racism has affected your life, and be able to identify racism from our larger systems and from others. You will be equipped with strategies, and a sense of empowerment in knowing how to assess racism, and deciding the best approach to either change the situation, or manage it.

Are you ready to re-build and re-discover who you are? 

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