The Freedom to Be You

Therapy for Asians in Toronto, Ontario

Why follow the norm, when you can create your own?

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On the surface, everything seems great.

You always give the impression that you're doing well. That's what people expect from you.

And yes, for the most part, you're a high achiever.

You seem well on your way to a great life. But why does everything feel so shitty?


Secretly, you want to get away from it all.

You're envious that other people can have a simple and easy life. But for you, that's not the case.


Instead, you're worried about people judging you, and worrying about the "proper" thing to do. You try to make everyone else happy, and you end up feeling miserable...

Your duties to your parents, responsibilities at work...your friends and romantic partner(s)...and your personal values and beliefs...


You're tired of it all. You wonder when you can finally start living on your own terms.

But every time you want to do something different, an inner voice tells you that you can't. It might be fear of change. Or scared of how people are judging you.

Let's work together, so you can finally be and do all the things you truly desire.

A sad Asian woman who is making a therapy appointment with Therapist Harry Au

It's complicated. I get it.

I’m Harry Au (he/him), a licensed therapist and Registered Social Worker in Toronto.


I know first-hand how hard it is to grow up with multiple cultures, the stress of trying to be "successful" for your family (and everyone), and staying true to yourself.


Let's figure out what "thriving" can look for you.

Therapist for Asians Harry Au

Harry Au - MA, MSW, RSW

Here are some things I help you with:

  • Feeling empowered to go after what you want. No more downplaying your needs or lying to yourself about it.

  • Building healthier relationships with family, friends, and colleagues by setting healthy boundaries.

  • Finding your inner BOSS to deal with workplace bullies.

  • Accepting and embracing your unique brand of living and being.

  • Empowering yourself to navigate (and f*ing up) structures of oppression.

We'd Make A Great Team.

Here's what people are saying:

"It feels natural and intuitive when speaking with Harry."

"Harry's lived experience as an Asian Canadian immigrant makes it feel natural and intuitive when speaking to him about mental health issues facing immigrant families.

On top of that, he continuously searches for ways to improve his practice beyond traditional therapeutic modalities.

I have no reservations to recommend therapeutic work with Harry"

Kennes Lin (she/her), MSW, RSW


Let's get started

The life you dream of living is attainable, if you are ready for it. I believe in your courage and resilience. 

Let's find a time to talk.