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The Freedom to Be You

Therapy for Asians in Ontario

I help Asians go from feeling trapped, to becoming self-liberated

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On the surface, everything seems great.

You always give the impression that you're doing well. That's what people expect from you.

And yes, for the most part, you're a high achiever.

You seem well on your way to a great life. But why does everything feel so shitty?

Secretly, you're falling apart.


You're envious that other people can have a simple and easy life. But for you, that seems impossible.


Instead, you're worried about people judging you, and worrying about the "proper" thing to do. You try to make everyone else happy, and you end up feeling miserable...

Your duties to your parents, responsibilities at work...balancing friends and romantic partner(s)...and your social justice values...


You're tired of it all. You wonder when you can finally start living on your own terms.

But every time you want to do something different, an inner voice tells you that you can't. You feel helpless. And scared, not knowing what comes next. So you repeat the same day over and over again.

Let's work together, so you can finally figure out what you truly want, and how take the first steps to pursue your deeper self.

About Harry

It's complicated. I get it.

I’m Harry Au (he/him), a licensed therapist and Registered Social Worker in Toronto.


I know first-hand how hard it is to grow up with multiple cultures, the pressure to hold it together for everyone, and yearning for something not yet known.


Let's figure out what "thriving" can look for you.

Therapist for Asians Harry Au

Harry Au - MA, MSW, RSW

Things I help you with:

✔  Feeling IN CONTROL of your big waves of anxiety and other emotions.

✔  Deep self-discovery to LIVE LIFE creatively and freely.

✔  EMPOWERING YOURSELF to build the kinds of relationships you've always yearned for


"We specifically sought out his services"

Elene Lam (she/her)

Founder and Executive Director of Butterfly

"Harry has a deep understanding of racism, sexism, and colonialism. Having known and worked with him since 2013, we specifically sought out his services, because of his ability to integrate social justice into his therapeutic work.

If you're looking to explore your identity and your place in the world, I highly recommend Harry!"

Contact Me

Ready to Chat?

Let's find the life and meaning you're searching for. I believe in your courage and resilience. 

Let's find a time to talk.

Have Things to Ask?

Curious about therapy, and have a few things you want to ask me?

Feel free to send me an email.

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