The Freedom to Be You

Therapist for Asians in Toronto, Ontario

It can be scary to dream of “freedom”, but can you afford not to pursue it? 


Imagine, the freedom to be all of who you are – every moment, every day

What would you do if you were free to be you?


As an Asian, your experience is unique.
Your support should be too.

You’ve spent most of your life trying to be perfect for everyone around you, and maybe you’ve even lived up to their standards. But underneath all that, something is still off. You feel anxious, guilty, and inadequate. You’re exhausted, and lonely… and scared to see a therapist.


Growing up in multiple cultures, and living up to multiple expectations is a unique frustration.

It’s a combination of many things - I understand that, I live that.


I want to support you to live a life that truly feels right for you.  


It's complicated, I know.

I’m Harry Au (he/him), a licensed therapist and Registered Social Worker in Toronto.


I know first-hand how tiring it is to feel like you don’t belong anywhere, or try so hard to make others happy, only to end the day feeling miserable or alone.  


Imagine being able to be all of yourself, without nagging thoughts criticizing everything that you do, or being scared of judgement from others. 


Harry Au - MA, MSW, RSW


Explore Your Freedom

You’re smart, you’re reflective, and you know there’s more that you want in this life. 

But even the very best of us can use some support.


Let’s find a time to talk.

Re-claiming You

You've had the pressures of fulfilling everyone else's obligations and expectations. Life's been complicated, and you might even be thinking - what the hell do I know about it?


Although I haven’t lived your experience, I understand that struggle.


You think to yourself, "How can I possibly live the life I want, when the world keeps screwing me over?"


You wonder if there’s more to life than constantly being worried and anxious.


Embrace Your Uniqueness Now

4 Reflections to Build Your Freedom Mindset

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Harry genuinely cares for you as a human on equal footing.

Harry is a growth-oriented and thoughtful clinical therapist and social worker who genuinely cares for you as a human on equal footing. His lived experience as an Asian Canadian immigrant makes it feel natural and intuitive when speaking about mental health issues facing immigrant families. On top of that, he continuously searches for ways to improve his practice beyond traditional therapeutic modalities, resulting in a therapeutic experience that feels truly whole and human, and not methodic. I have no reservations to recommend therapeutic work with Harry.  

Kennes Lin.png

Kennes Lin (she/her), MSW, RSW

Co-Chair, Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter (CCNCTO), 2019-2021


Let's get started

The life you dream of living is attainable, if you are ready for it. I believe in your courage and resilience. 

Let's find a time to talk.