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Media Features

Podcast with "But Where Are You Really From?"

Harry chats with Angela and Jesse about our Asian parents, the weird weird roleplaying in therapy, and how to gameplan to prep for your chat with your Asian parents.

Podcast with More Exemplary

In a fun conversation with Nick Bognar, Harry talks about masculinity on the basketball court, how to be an ally, being codependent AND an activist, and strategies for your mental health.

Podcast with The Local Entrepreneur

It's Harry and Harrison! In this podcast, Harry talks about how to find a good-fit therapist, why he was afraid to work with Asian clients, and how he embraced being an Asian therapist for Asians.

Podcast with Don't Be Strangers

Harry chats with XinYi about his love for Totoro, his own mental health journey, and XinYi shares about life as a digital nomad.

Fighting Racism through Storytelling

Harry's story is featured in an art gallery installation, as he shares his upbringing as an immigrant in suburban Markham, and his love for bubble tea.

Podcast with What Kind of Asian are You

As 1.5 and 2nd generation Asian immigrants, our challenges are unique. Harry chats with Kyle about intergenerational trauma growing up in the Asian diaspora.

Podcast with Codependummy

Harry speaks with Marissa to explain all things codependency and narcissism in Asian immigrant families.

Podcast with Open Mind Night

Harry shares with Robyn about how and why he got into activist work, how he used this to enable his codependency, and his road to healing.

Featured in VeryWell Mind Article

In this article, Harry discusses the portrayal of Asian immigrant families in the film Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Podcast with Lean in. Make Bank.

Harry opens up about his scarcity mindset as an Asian immigant, the fears and shame around charging premium fees, and learning to take care of his needs in order to be aligned with his values.

Long Time No See Project

As anti-Asian racism sparked by COVID-19 runs rampant, a group of incredible community members spearheads a project to tell the stories of the Asian community.

Interview with CBC Metro Morning

In an interview with CBC Metro Mornings, Harry talks about the prevalence of anti-Asian racism during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the impact it has on the mental health of the Asian community.

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