for anxiety

Asian man looking depressed and anxious


You wonder if there’s more to life than constantly being worried and anxious.

Do you feel a sense of dread, that no matter how much you do for others you’re not doing enough?

Even though you love your peoples – friends, family, community – do you always have nagging thoughts that you did something wrong and you worry about being judged?

Sometimes, it’s almost like your values pull you in one direction, and what you really want pulls you in another direction. So you end up putting yourself last. You feel tired and stuck and not in control. 

You want more for your life, but wonder how to balance it with your values and the people around you.

You’re ready to quiet your judgy thoughts, and find a kinder, compassionate voice. You’re ready to feel empowered, and be the one to determine how to live your life. You’re ready to have better relationships - with yourself, and with others.

You’re ready to be yourself. 

Why is it important to manage your anxiety?

Anxiety may hinder your connection with others, and your day-to-day living. It may make it challenging to achieve your goals, and to feel happy and fulfilled.

How can I help you with anxiety?

I can help you identify the patterns to your anxiety, build new patterns to relate to yourself, and work together to develop strategies to manage your anxiety.

What can happen when you get the right support for your anxiety?

You will have compassion for your anxiety and yourself, allowing you to freely be yourself and live a truly self-empowered and fulfilling life.

Are you ready to have better relationships – with yourself, and others? 

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