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Love What You LOVE

Last year, I joined a gym. And surprisingly, I started doing yoga.

It’s surprising because I am not zen, I’m not flexible, and I don’t have the patience to hold any of their annoying posture/position thingy. And then, I somehow was able to tolerate all those things…and even enjoy it. Maybe I’m growing up, who knows.

But anyways, after one gym session, I heard someone in the change room saying that he was surrounded by “try hards” in the yoga class.

And it bothered me. Because the idea of “try hard” is an insult used to shame and discourage people from being passionate and excited about the things they are passionate and excited about.

For some reason, having no passion and excitement makes you cool. And I totally fell for this weird logic when I was much younger. But really, if you’re not a “try hard” at anything in your life, then what kind of life do you live?

So screw this shaming of the “try hard.” Let’s all strive to be “try hards,” if it means we get to be passionate and excited about life. Don’t let anyone shame you for what you love.

Think about all the things you stopped doing, or the times you had to hide your enthusiasm and enjoyment for things/moments you love. Life's too short, so go out there and love the things you love to the maximum!

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