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[Feature] Fighting Anti-Asian Racism through Storytelling

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Toronto is filled with incredible people, doing amazing work. I'm really glad I was given the opportunity to participate in project "Long Time No See."

What is "Long Time No See?"

Chinatown is again facing a period of change and uncertainty with businesses battered by COVID lockdowns, with Anti-Asian Racism and with development pressures in Toronto’s over-heated property market. Some of us got together hoping to put a face to our community to show what and where in Chinatown we work, shop, eat and love.

This project is just a beginning, a beginning to build relations among people who care about Chinatown. We hope it can lead to learning more about each other, honouring story and memory, and to building a more equitable community with shared responsibilities to this land and the Indigenous peoples of this land.

The posters exhibition is posted around the city. You can find the map of the locations by clicking here.

Below photo credit to the incredible Maylynn Quan, a good friend and inspiration!

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