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Your Self-Esteem

Do you often ask yourself “what’s wrong with me?”

Your critical brain seems to have endless ways to judge everything that you do. Every interaction that you have, you go into overthinking mode, and you cringe – at what you said, what you did, and what you didn’t say or do.


You end up burying all the things you truly want, to the point where you don’t even know what you want anymore. Instead, you focus on making everyone around you happy. And that makes you happy. But it’s temporary. Very soon, your thoughts go back to attacking yourself, and you spiral into feeling like everyone else is better than you, and more deserving than you.


Every once in a while, you have moments where you feel absolutely free and happy. And on those days, you wish it would last forever. But it doesn’t. And not long after, you brain will start to analyze everything that you did wrong.


All this is affecting the important relationships you have. You want so much to connect with others, and to feel comfortable and at home with them. But the thought of saying exactly what you think makes your body seize up in terror. So you say nothing. Then you start judging yourself for not saying anything.

You’re here because you don’t want to hide anymore.

What I tell my clients is that your highly sensitive self already has the perfect set of skills to connect deeply with people.


You’ve spent so much time listening to others, analyzing your own mind, and picking up on how others respond to you, by now, you have a good intuition in knowing how others think and feel.


Our work together is to help you find a better balance between your own needs, and the needs of others. This means facing your own fears about “not being good enough” or “disappointing other people” or feeling like you’re a bother to people.


Let’s work together to help you find that balance. We can build a life for you where the happy and free moments are the norm, rather than the exception.

Let all parts of your selves come up to breathe.

Why is it important to build a healthy self-esteem?

You are not less than or better than anyone. Until you truly believe that in your mind and body, you may struggle with having the type of relationships that you want with yourself and with the people around you.

How can I help you with your self-esteem?

I can help you understand your underlying thoughts, feelings, and bodily reactions that affect your self-esteem and reactions to others. We will develop new patterns and new strategies to help you be yourself. 

What can happen when you build a healthy self-esteem?

You will have a clear understanding of who you are, have healthier relationships with the right people, and have the confidence to continue to learn about yourself and the people around you.

Are you ready to have better relationships – with yourself, and others? 

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