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for your ever changing life


 Things used to feel familiar. But now you wonder if you can come out the other side unscathed – or perhaps even better than before.

Do you feel that your purpose and values used to be so clear, but now you’re not so sure anymore?

Sometimes you feel overwhelmed and tired, trying to keep up with everything. And you wake up the next day, having to do it all over again. You worry about the future, and wonder what this means for yourself, your community, and the people you love.

Life changes can be difficult. Whether it is a new opportunity, relationship changes, change of personal perspective, or loss of someone significant, these transitions can be stressful.

You're ready to take control of your life again, with a renewed sense of who you are and going after the things most important to you.

And you’re ready to do just that – to re-build, and re-discover who you are. You want to come out of this with the comfort and the confidence of knowing exactly who you are, and going after the things most important to you.

You’re ready to find yourself again.

Why is it important to manage the stresses of your life changes?

The stress of changes can affect your sleep and mood. You may feel a lack of energy, a loss of meaning or purpose, and a dulling of the excitement and vivacity of life.

How can I help you through life transitions and changes?

I can help you identify the deeper meanings of your worries, develop strategies to manage your stress and anxiety, and help discover new meanings for the changes in your life.

What can happen when you get the right support through your life changes?

You may build a stronger understanding and comfort of who you are, and develop the skills and resilience to face current and future changes with confidence and optimism.

Are you ready to re-build and re-discover who you are? 

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